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Low Intensity Airport Lighting 1000 Series







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Low Intensity Airport Lighting 1000 Series (120V)

  • Runway edge

  • Taxiway edge

  • Threshold edge

  • Heliport lighting

Manairco low intensity 1000 series lights were designed around and built under the original FAA L-840 specification.

Thousands have been sold and installed throughout the world and are successfully operating in such difficult and remote areas, such as Alaska’s North Slope.


  • Tempered glass lens

  • Yellow marker cone

  • 30″ lead in wire with breakaway connectors

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“I hold Manairco in very high regards. Their follow thru with price quotes is excellent and am very glad I have them as a supplier. Every time I have called Leroy with regulator issues, no matter who the manufacturer is, I get precise answers. I also highly recommend Manairco regulators for any airfield lighting needs. The ease of being able to swap parts, being able to tap the regulators down to accommodate load demands, reliability, and overall performance has been very satisfying. Keep up the good work! ”

– Jim True – Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Department of Airports