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Manairco 6000 Series Lights




Airport/Heliport Rotating Beacons (L-801)




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Manairco 6000 Series Airport/Heliport Lights

  • Runway

  • Threshold

  • Taxiway

  • Obstruction

  • 25-40 watt medium intensity lights 117V, LED lamps available up to 50,000 hours life

Designed for economical airport lighting

Using 25 watt, 40 watt, or our new LED extra long life bulbs, Manairco 6000 series lights provide superior performance with minimal maintenance. Fixtures may be easily converted to 6.6 amp by simply changing the socket.

67 watt bulbs also available

LED Lamps Available

All color combinations available

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“AMA has bought Rotating Beacons exclusively from Manairco since the late 1980s and we have enjoyed a highly successful track record because both companies are focussed on long term relationships with their customers as well as with their vendors and partners.

– Rahul Patel – Mumbai, India

AMA Airfield Lighting Systems