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Manairco has joined Hughey & Phillips!




Thank you for visiting our website! In 2017, Manairco proudly joined Hughey & Phillips as the H&P Airfield Lighting Group. Founded in 1955, Manairco established a reputation for excellence in the design and fabrication of Airfield lighting systems and related accessories. During that time, we have learned how to provide quality products at competitive prices with lightning quick delivery. We work hard to meet those standards for every customer large or small. If quality products, competitive prices and top notch customer service is important to you, maybe it’s time for you join the first place team at Hughey & Phillips, Airfield Lighting Division.


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“AMA has bought Rotating Beacons exclusively from Manairco since the late 1980s and we have enjoyed a highly successful track record because both companies are focussed on long term relationships with their customers as well as with their vendors and partners.

– Rahul Patel – Mumbai, India

AMA Airfield Lighting Systems