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Electrical Vault Equipment


ccsManairco has been building regulators for Airfield Lighting applications for over 20 years with regulators installed in electrical vaults and equipment rooms throughout the United States and other countries including the Antarctica. Manairco regulators have become the regulator of choice for many airports based on their performance and reliability. Designed to operate with other manufactures equipment for ALCMS, radio controllers, lighting fixtures (incandescent, halogen, LED, in­pavement), signs, REIL, TDZ, and many others.

Manairco offers a complete line of FAA certified regulators from the 2 Kilowatt (KW) (with the capability of being tapped to 1 KW) to the 30 KW regulator in both 6.6 amp and 20 amp. The 50 KW regulator is available in the 20 amp version. Regulators are for medium intensity and high intensity lighting in 3 step and 5 step brightness settings (50 KW in 5 step only). Manairco regulators are air cooled, dry type, transformer construction, custom designed with no solid state devices (SCR or thyristor) or capacitors (that affect the output currents) in the series power circuit and produces sinusoidal output currents to the loads for minimum noise and unprecedented reliability.


Standard features include:

  • Output KW with load taps for 100%, 75%, & 50% KW loads

  • Long life LED diagnostics lights for Power On, Regulator On, and Open Circuit or Over Current fault

  • Long life analog type true RMS ammeter for output current graduated for each current step

  • Distribution type lightning arresters

  • Many spare parts and control boards interchangeable for all KW sizes

Custom designs are available per the user’s need to include special input voltage and frequency requirements and options to include:

  • ElectSpecial load taps as specified

  • Dual input voltage requirements (208/240, 240 X 480)

  • 2400 V inputs for various sizes

  • Input Voltmeter analog or digital

  • Input Ammeter analog or digital

  • Elapsed time meter for total time on or time on particular step

  • Output Voltmeter graduated for KW load of regulator

  • Output Watt meter/KVA/Power Factor

  • Dry contacts as needed for remote feedback sensing

  • Three step and five step brightness output currents




“We have been using the products and services of Manairco since 1970. They always provide excellent service with the highest integrity. The personnel are honest, reliable, responsive and extremely knowledgeable in the airport lighting industry. They are well versed in the latest LED technology and have converted all of our taxiways to LED lighting. I highly recommend Manairco to anyone looking for the type of service they so excellently provide. ”

– Bradley W. Newman, President – Tiffin, Ohio

Tiffin Aire Inc.