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Medium Intensity Taxiway LED 7400 Series (L-861T)




Airport/Heliport Rotating Beacons (L-801)




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Our FAA Approved L-861T Model #7400 LED is used as an elevated light fixture for Airport Taxiway Edge lights powered by a Constant Current Regulator (CCR).

Three-step brightness at 4.8, 5.5, and 6.6 amps for 10%, 30%, and 100% respectively.


  • Improved efficiency and photometrics through extensive development and testing

  • Lifelong expectancy, greater than 100,000 hours LED source – resulting in less maintenance

  • Input Power Factor exceeds FAA requirement for three-step CCR

  • Lower power consumption allows for the use of a smaller sized cost. use L-830-16 15-watt transformers for the 60 hertz and the L-831-16 for 50 hertz power for a fixture without the arctic kit (heater). use the 25-watt isolation transformer L-830-17 (or L-831-17 for 50 Hz) for the fixture wit the arctic kit

  • Is a direct replacement into existing taxiway using the same CCR and existing isolation transformer

  • Furnished with the FAA L-823 plug assembly to connect to the isolation transformer

  • LED source and LED driver mounted inside the die cast housing for ease of inspection and replacement

  • Adjustable base for ease in vertical adjustment

  • Warranty for four (4) years under normal operating conditions

  • Smooth colored, medium intensity glass lens provides excellent daytime visibility, easy to clean and helps prevent ice buildup

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– James Hull – Atlanta, GA

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport