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MRS1 Series Plug Cutout







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Manairco S1 Plug Cutout

Finally, a S1 cutout that you can depend on, nonbreakble, flame retardant houseing and quality contacts. The Manairco MRS1 Plug Cutout is used in airfield series lighting circuits as a convenient and safe method to isolate the lighting circuit from the regulator. The MRS1 Plug Cutout offers improved dielectric strength, improved mechanical strength, and uses versatile insulating materials for high voltage applications.


  • Designed to provide high mechanical strength and superior electrical properties

  • Provides a safe method to disconnect the constant current regulator from the field circuit

  • Size compatibility for direct placement of a majority o f existing cutouts

  • Simple disconnect (pull out) and connect (plug in) with the power OFF

  • Expoxy insulating material of the handle and housing compound formulated for the toughest electrical equipment for both indoor and outdoor applications

  • Handle has increased dielectric and mechanical strength incorporating glastic material

  • High quality custom contacts for many years of service

  • Conservatively rated at 5000VAC at 20-amp

  • Commonly used with a 6.6A and 20A circuits

  • Can be factory installed in an enclosure or in a new constant current regulator as an option

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“Operating the busiest Airport in the world is not an easy job by any means, but with the help of a solid company like Manairco it makes our job a little bit easier. We have used Manairco regulators for many years due to their dependability, long lifespan and ease of use. With their excellent product line, knowledgeable staff and outstanding customer service they help us get the job done! ”

– James Hull – Atlanta, GA

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport